During the three week period a group of builders from R.Bau aided by students from Milton Keynes College simultaneously constructed and deconstructed a full-scale replica of Milton Keynes Gallery.
The process was synchronized so that the construction and de-construction was choreographed sequentially: Each sidewall was built once at a time, so that the structure slowly moved around until transfer was completed. Over the duration of the project, the complete shell of Milton Keynes Gallery, 9 m high and 18x18 m wide, materialised although never in its entirety.

This approach was implicitly directed at a public engagement with urban space and intended to promote a critical debate. By turning Station Square into a gallery, the project aimed to re-establish central urban space as a cultural rather than commercial one. Highlighted through the collaborative nature of building, the project was a social/cultural event, which encouraged a public discussion about the architecture of central urban spaces and the concepts of urban planning.

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